Classroom-Based Studies


The Instructional Benefits of Digital Identity Texts in L2 Spanish Classes

Project Leader : Dr. Gabriela Zapata


This study examines the instructional benefits of identity texts (Cummins et al., 2015) grounded in the tenets of Learning by Design (Cope & Kalantzis, 2015) for the development of university students’ performance in the presentational mode in L2 Spanish NH, IL, and IM classes as well as for their personal growth and the improvement of their digital literacies. 

The results of the first phase of this study were presented at 11th International Conference on e-Learning and Innovative Pedagogies and the e-Learning and Innovative Pedagogies Research; March 2-3, 2018, New York, NY. Data collection is still in progress.

Open Educational Resources in L2 Spanish Classrooms: Design, Development, and Implementation

Project Leader : Dr. Gabriela Zapata and Undergraduate Student Research Team


The objective of this project is to examine the application of the multiliteracies pedagogy Learning by Design (Cope & Kalantzis, 2015; Kalantzis et al. 2005, 2016) to the design to Open Educational Resources (OER) for the teaching of Spanish as a second language (L2). The study focuses on issues related to the design and development of OER materials such as 1) the identification of students’ needs (considering personal and institutional expectations and outcomes); 2) the development of curricula (the determination of thematic and linguistic content); 3) the search for and selection of appropriate resources, including the assessment of existing ones; and 4) the training and coordination of development teams. The final phase of the project will investigate the implementation process, and the effect of the newly-developed resources on the development of L2 students' competence in the three modes of communication.