[a-chieve-ments /əˈCHēvmənt/]

Logros [achievements] is a noun that has resounded all through my academic career as a first generation Hispanic to graduate from college with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. Yet, it is a word that without the guidance, mentorship, and support from the many people who have supported me in the accomplishments of my goals it would not be possible. Seeing the value and importance of a support system in the career of an individual, I believe in contributing to the success of future generations throughout language learning.To do so, I have commited to study pedagogical frameworks that center upon the belonging and transformation of the individual and developing Open Educational Resource (OER) materials that can guide, enhance, develop, and aid the language learning of people around the world.  


By being able to provide the free tools of language learning, I will be able to help others in their logros and provide the opportunity to expand the knowledge of different cultures and communities in the Spanish language. Being from the border town of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico, my personal and academic mission is to break the borders of the world through Open Language Educational Resource (OLER) materials. Pursuing a doctorate degree in Second Language Acquisition and Open Educational Resources (OER), in the Department of Hispanic Studies at Texas A&M University, will strengthen my mission and provide the experience needed to transform my dreams into logros.